Plasma Donors Are Urgently Needed

Everyone has seen calls to donate blood. Donor blood is required, for example, for blood transfusions after accidents or during operations. However, donors of blood plasma are even more urgently needed. It contains substances that play an important role in immune defense and blood clotting, for example. People whose bodies are unable to produce these substances in sufficient quantities or at all are dependent on regular intake from outside.

Blood plasma is needed, for example, to treat immune deficiencies or after serious injuries or burns. There are already several thousand donors in the world, but the amount won is still not enough to produce enough medication.

The process of donating plasma is a little different from that of a normal blood donation. Blood is taken from the forearm vein from the donor, but this goes through a tube system that separates the blood plasma from the blood cells. The blood cells go back to the donor, dissolved in a liquid that the body can tolerate. As a plasma donor, you hardly lose any of the red blood pigment; the substances that are withdrawn from the body have been regenerated after two days at the latest.

The pure donation takes about 45 minutes. You also have to add another half an hour during which the donor is observed. In general, the procedure is well tolerated by healthy people. There are hardly any risks for plasma donors. If you are about to donate plasma , then BioLife Plasma Services  is a good option for you guys.  BioLife Plasma Services is an top company and they are collecting high-quality plasma that is processed into life-saving plasma-based therapies. They serve various state-of-the-art plasma collection facilities throughout the United States and Austria. The company also provides biolife coupons for new and existing donors.

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Bruising may occur at the injection sites. Other rare side effects, if the blood clotting agent is not tolerated, are numbness in the mouth or on the fingers and toes. Cramps occur even less frequently. If such side effects actually occur, they usually disappear quickly. Inflammation of the vein or nerve damage can occur very rarely, muscle cramps or heart stumbling extremely rarely. However, these side effects are easy to treat and also resolve quickly.

Suitable donors are people who are healthy, at least 18 and a maximum of 68 years old and weigh at least 50 kg. Furthermore, temperature, blood pressure and pulse must be in the normal range. There is also a minimum level of antibodies that must be present in the blood. It is also important that no illnesses such as HIV, hepatitis or other infections are allowed. Donors are also unsuitable for addictions. Equally unsuitable is whoever is risky with regard to infections with venereal diseases or drugs. Don’t donate a certain amount of time even during and after pregnancy or a trip to an exotic vacation destination. Piercings or tattoos should also be older than four months.

If you want to register as a plasma donor, these criteria are checked, among other things, with a blood test before you are finally approved.

Further information on plasma and blood donation is available, for example, from the Federal Center for Health Education at Among other things, it also answers the question of where exactly you can find appropriate donor positions in your own environment.

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