You Really Save Money On These Voucher Portals!

Who wouldn’t want to get something cheaper or for free instead of paying dearly for it? We present the 11 best voucher portals with which you can save cash!¬†Nowadays there are numerous voucher sites on the World Wide Web. They all advertise that you get the best voucher codes and discounts from them. Unfortunately, the offers are not always as great as they appear at first glance. Of course, it is particularly annoying when you have been looking for a suitable voucher with great effort and you cannot redeem it when you shop because it has already expired or simply does not work .

But where do you actually find the best discounts ? So that you do not lose sight of the jungle of voucher portals, we will introduce you to the most popular portals .


At GROUPON you get coupons for restaurants, travel, hotels and many other “offline activities”. Here you will find great new offers every day with savings of up to 90 percent. Whether breakfast with friends in Frankfurt or a 5-course menu for two in Cologne – every larger city is represented with its own deals. The offer is supplemented by discounts for online orders.

2. Promocodesbox

Promocodesbox is all about saving you money on the purchases you make for yourself, your home, your family and friends while also protecting the environment by printing less unnecessary coupons.¬† Each year less than 1% of the 284 billion printed coupons are used; that creates an extraordinary amount of unnecessary waste! Why does this occur? The answer is simple… a majority of us receive coupons that we do not need nor want! Think about it… how many single men receive makeup & sports bra offers; elder people receiving baby food coupons; vegetarians receiving meat coupons and the list goes on and on and on!! is managed by Mr Joseph – a well-known and respected, leading Internet marketer with more than a decade’s worth of experience providing online marketing solutions. It’s good to know that you are downloading coupons from an ethical and legitimate organization that has “real human beings” standing behind this website where your best interests are top priority. Online coupons from are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week – ready instantaneously with free coupon downloads. By printing only the coupons you want to use, you can eliminate waste. More and more people are joining the green movement, by avoiding collecting stacks of unwanted advertising circulars and newspaper coupon inserts, then throwing them away and filling up our landfills with unwanted excess. Instead, people are discovering the greener alternative: “coupon site.” Now you can access free coupons online, and change the world – one person (and one coupon) at a time!

3. m ydealz

At the bargain portal mydealz, users get involved themselves. The community shares hot deals, bargains and offers with all bargain hunters. The temperature display of the individual deals is funny and helpful at the same time. The bargain hunters rate each deal as “hot” or “cold”. In addition to many different products, there are also recommendations for particularly cheap flights, for example.

4. Gutscheinsammler

The site has been a test winner several times when it comes to the quality of the vouchers. No wonder, after all, the voucher portal offers a “Best Coupon Promise” and guarantees that you won’t find a better voucher for the respective shop anywhere. If this is not the case, the company donates 5 euros to a non-profit organization.

What should I put attention on? The best tips for using voucher portals

1. Time limit for the vouchers
Many vouchers are only valid for a limited time . Unfortunately, some portals show the discounts much longer. Only trying out helps!

2. Discounts especially for new customers
If you are shopping in an online shop for the first time, you should definitely look for a voucher beforehand. Because many discounts and promotions are aimed specifically at new customers .

3. No voucher portal is complete
If you are looking for a voucher or discount for a specific online shop, it is worthwhile to search on different voucher sites. Tests show that no portal can offer a complete range. Our tip: Before you shop online, use at least two different voucher portals and compare the discounts offered!

4. Observe the conditions for redemption
Be sure to pay attention to the redemption conditions of the chosen voucher. Discounts are often tied to a minimum order value or the offer only applies to new customers.

5. Check the deal
How big is the price advantage really? Take a close look at the deal and find out if you might pay less for your chosen item in another shop.


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